Case study

ITCAM for Microsoft Applications Customer Implementation Review

Application Management, Infrastructure Management
Participating Company: 
Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC
Participating Analyst: 
Richard Ptak

Managing a mixed platform and vendor IT environment presents many challenges. The problems escalate with the number of different tools used to manage the infrastructure. Customers are looking to reduce the number and variety of management tools they must use. One early adopter of IBM’s ITCAM for Microsoft Applications shares the lessons learned from that experience and comments on the benefits of the latest version.

No matter what is driving a project, it is important for implementers to understand how to sidestep trouble by learning from prior experiences. This paper describes the experiences of an early adopter of IBM Tivoli’s Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) for Microsoft Applications. ITCAM for Microsoft Applications is built using the same enterprise class base infrastructure as the rest of IBM Tivoli’s management and monitoring solution portfolio. The report is based on an interview with the IT manager of a large healthcare firm and a Tivoli specialist at a consulting firm. Their experiences influenced the development of the more recent versions of IBM’s ITCAM for Microsoft Applications.