7352 Empire Drive
Boulder Colorado 80303
United States
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Research companies
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FOCUS, led by industry veteran Barb Goldworm, delivers research, analysis and consulting services, focused on systems, software and storage. The FOCUS team brings extensive experience in the enterprise, SMB, and government markets. FOCUS analysts:

    * bring broad expertise from technical, marketing, business, and executive roles
    * have extensive experience in market research and analysis
    * have written regularly for leading industry publications
    * have authored and edited books, white papers, curricula and courses
    * are frequent speakers and educators at industry events



FOCUS brings a unique blend of technical depth and market savvy, with experience in systems and software architecture and development, product management, product marketing, sales, market research and analysis, project management and education/training. FOCUS brings a comprehensive yet focused view of how to meet demanding business needs in a world of ever changing technology, while keeping an eye on ROI, TCO and bottom line value.

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