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Analyzing new Performance Thresholds in Global Sourcing

Horses for Sources is the foremost social networking community and advisory analyst firm, focused on helping enterprises make complex decisions with their global outsourcing strategies. 

Horses for Sources provides the most impactful and frequently-visited collaborative community platform in the global services industry, providing rapid and insightful commentary, analysis  and debate of enterprise outsourcing dynamics.  We are unique in the fact that we integrate personable social networking with market research and advisory services.

Launched in 2007, the Horses for Sources blog  has more than 80,000 regular visitors across the global outsourcing industry, and is widely recognized as the leading destination for collective insight, research and open debate of industry issues and developments.  Our LinkedIn community is thriving with 9,000 industry professionals sharing views and information daily.

With an entertaining style brimming with unbridled opinions, Horses for Sources is well-regarded across the industry as the platform that delivers the "real hard facts" about outsourcing.  Our newly-established research analyst team comprises a revolutionary and unique skill-set of research, practitioner and strategy experience, that can take full advantage of our social-media platforms to deliver cutting-edge research to enterprise buyers.

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