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Host Analytics is the leading provider of on-demand corporate performance management. Host Analytics’ solutions help financial and departmental executives improve their budgeting, forecastingfinancial consolidationsdashboarding, scorecardingreporting and analysis.

Founded in 2000, Host Analytics delivers its suite of corporate performance management solutions using Software as a Service on-demand delivery. Host Analytics serves the enterprise, large and midsize company and public sector markets.

Host Analytics is dedicated to helping your organization increase stakeholder value by driving improvements in the planning and performance management processes, delivered using the most innovative, efficient and effective methodologies. We help finance, sales and operations by optimizing planning, budgeting, revenue forecasting, spending, financial consolidations, and measuring and monitoring performance consistently. The complete suite of products shares a unified data model that allows you to establish a single repository of information where users can quickly access consistent information related to both financial and management reporting. Host Analytics CPM Suite allows you to move easily between reporting the past and projecting the future.

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