Company type: 
Solution providers
Industry type: 
Business services/consulting (non computer-related)
iTOPS for Business Outcomes


iGATE Corporation is an information technology firm headquartered in Fremont, California which provides complete end-to-end services that integrate Consulting, Technology, Business Process Outsourcing & Provisioning.


iGATE’s  unique Business Outcomes Based approach allows our customers to focus on paying for results only and not for the effort by using our Integrated Technology and Process platforms (iTOPS). This unique combination of iTOPS framework and Pay for Results Only approach reduce risk on Technology and demand variation thereby delivering significant benefits to our customers.

We have several years of experience across different industry verticals at an international level and a strong understanding of the diverse business challenges faced by global enterprises. This model enables iGATE to provide a delivery model with outcome-based pricing and ensures that we bear the business risk for our clients.

Apart from the iTOPS Solutions Model, iGATE provides other services to suit the unique needs of your business. All of these are result-oriented and reflect iGATE’s business philosophy of being ‘Business Outcome Driven’.