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Solve your business puzzles with Intelligent Solutions

Intelligent Solutions, Inc. (ISI) is a professional services firm dedicated to assessing, planning, and guiding business intelligence and customer analytics efforts.  ISI offers consulting, education, and literature based on two conceptual architectures:


Corporate Information Factory – an industry icon, used by hundreds of organizations to plan, architect, and deliver their BI capabilities, and


Customer Life Cycle – a framework for using technology to support CRM and other customer-facing initiatives


ISI’s continued success at leveraging these architectures and maximizing their value for our clients has earned ISI the reputation of being leaders and experts in this field.


Intelligent Solutions’ mission is simple:  help our clients help themselves.  ISI’s offerings are designed to help our clients plan, design, and execute their BI and CRM initiatives, using their own resources wherever possible.  ISI’s services are based on the three primary keys to success: architecture, strategy, and education.


By adding the right expertise at key points and by providing appropriate education, ISI offers organizations in a host of industries the opportunity to realize the benefits of BI and CRM.  For clients who wish to team with third party providers, we deliver crucial architecture and strategy direction, and assist in selecting the right vendors.


Intelligent Solutions offers a wide variety of courses and seminars, designed to help clients develop the skills and understanding they need.  ISI’s instructors are experienced practitioners and ISI’s courses and seminars have long been part of The Data Warehousing Institute’s curriculum.  Offerings range from executive-level seminars, appropriate for both business and technical managers, to detailed “how-to” courses designed for the implementation team members.  In addition to our library of standard courses, Intelligent Solutions also works with clients to design custom courseware to meet their needs.

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