McAfee Saas

9781 S. Meridian Blvd, Suite 400
Englewood Colorado 80112
United States
+1 877 695 6442
Company type: 
Solution providers
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Business services/consulting (computer-related)

As part of the world’s largest security-dedicated vendor in the world, McAfee SaaS is a leading developer of cloud-based security solutions. McAfee SaaS offers the industry’s most comprehensive, cloud-based security portfolio, including email and web protection, message continuity and archiving solutions.


McAfee’s true multi-tenant, massively scalable SaaS architecture delivers enterprise-grade performance and reliability without enterprise-level complexity and cost.  Additionally, McAfee SaaS solutions provide unrivaled protection, leveraging McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence Network of 350 researchers and threat centers in 30 different countries.