49 Rue de Billancourt
92100, Saint Cloud
Company type: 
Solution providers
Industry type: 
Business services/consulting (computer-related)
We secure IT.


NETASQ was created in 1998 with the vision of providing businesses of all sizes—from the SME consisting of but a few workstations to the largest multi-site infrastructures—with the ultimate level of security. The company was thus founded on technological innovation.


It offers unified security solutions comprising of a range of appliances that combine a firewall with a unique real time intrusion prevention technology and plenty of other security features (antivirus, antispam, web filtering, QoS, etc). Its aim is to offer, version after version, innovations that guarantee clients the continuity of their businesses and sustain confidence in the security of their infrastructure.]


NETASQ's research and development teams represent a very important part of the company. Being on-site, they allow NETASQ to gain full control over the design of its products, from software development to the hardware architecture. Their clients thus benefit from an extremely efficient security solution and an almost immediate return on their investments.