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Solution providers
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Software development

Promisec delivers unmatched visibility into 100% of company’s endpoints (workstations, laptops and servers) -particularly the Windows environment. By knowing what you have previously not known about your endpoints, we make it faster and easier to resolve known problems as well as fix unknown problems.

Our unique agentless technology allows IT executives to drive out the cost of controlling endpoints by optimizing existing IT solutions and processes.

The immediate, continuous visibility and independent control offered by our products enables companies to manage many kinds of corporate policies …including IT compliance, security, inventory, operations, licensing and power management.


Founded in 2004 by former military information technology and security experts, Promisec is a privately held company headquartered in Israel with offices in North America, Europe, India and Japan.

Our customers include industry leaders in many verticals including: Government, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Legal and more.