8350 East Old Vail Road, Tucson
Arizona Arizona 85747-9197
United States
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Solution providers
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Business services/consulting (computer-related)


Vangtel, a member of The Offshore Group, is an innovative international service provider that demonstrates its dedication to its clients’ success by providing  world-class shelter services. 


Companies that seek to nearshore tasks and processes to maximize profits,  but find the associated risks difficult to integrate into their existing business model, will find Vangtel's shelter services a perfect win-win in reducing costs and exposure. The value that Vangtel brings to its clients is in the administrative and management support of their operations. Vangtel clients are able to reduce costs, while retaining ownership and control over all data, security protocols, hardware and software, and customer service processes.  Additionally, Vangtel's clients benefit from the organization’s local expertise and networks,  which provide them with a truly turn-key,  professional operation in Mexico.


The Shelter Program business model, pioneered by The Offshore Group, has offered a successful solution to manufacturers in all major industries from the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan since 1986.  The company is the largest employer in the State of Sonora, Mexico, with over 10,000+ employees. As the only shelter service provider recipient of the Premio Nacional de Exportacion (National Exporters) award, given by the president of Mexico, The Offshore Group is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is recognized as being Mexico’s leading “shelter service “ provider.


The success of The Offshore Group’s shelter service offerings amongst  a diversity manufacturers  suggested that the model would translate well to meet the needs of the call center industry, IT development organizations, as well as to North American firms seeking to reduce cost by nearshoring back office processes and functions. Headquartered in Hermosillo, with satellite operations in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Vangtel is 326 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona, or a one hour flight south from Sky Harbor Airport. Hermosillo is in the same time zone as Arizona.  Proximity to the US translates into cultural similarities.   Abundant bi-lingual skills reduce compatibility issues with the US corporate culture and operations.


The Offshore Group’s headquarters, Offshore International, Inc.,  is located in Tucson, Arizona. The risk of doing business in a foreign country is greatly reduced in that all contracts executed for the provision of service in Mexico by Vangtel are executed in the United States.  All work done by companies in Mexico through The Offshore Group is done within the framework of the United States legal system. 


Vangtel is excited to offer its clients a world-class Shelter Program solution. The company partners with its clients by enabling companies to cut cost and reduce risk.  The organization is  expert at providing companies with a way to nearshore to Mexico without having to go it alone in a foreign country, while confronting all risk own their own.  Vangtel is your partner in low cost, Mexico.