Worldwide Headquarters
126 W Sego Lily Drive #126
Sandy Utah UT 84070
United States
Company type: 
Solution providers
Industry type: 
Software development


Venafi is the inventor and market leader of Enterprise Key and Certificate Management (EKCM) solutions, and delivered the first enterprise application to automate the provisioning, discovery and monitoring of encryption assets across heterogeneous environments—from the data center to the cloud and beyond.


Digital information is among organizations’ most critical assets, which makes protecting it a strategic business imperative. Encryption is the overwhelming technology-of-choice for protecting digital information, whether it’s at rest (on a hard drive or in a database) or in motion (traversing the Internet). It’s also the most often-deployed option for complying with an ever-growing number of regulations. Venafi software offers automatic discovery, provisioning, monitoring, and management of organizations’ extensive (and expanding) encryption resources, thus helping companies better protect their vital information assets and critical systems.