ETM attends successful Ovum Master Data Management seminar in London


The Master Data Management seminar in London was well attended with a mix of delegates from both the IT and business sides of organisations. Survey results indicated that the company size of delegates varied considerably, and there were over 18 different industry sectors in attendance. The majority of people who attended were from organisations which had revenues above £10 million and flat rate budget changes in 2011. 


The new format of Ovum introduction to the subject, guest speaker keynote and then panel discussion before the coffee break worked well and was commented on as being ‘refreshing’ by attendees and the vendor speakers. This is a new format which is being introduced to Ovum events and will be repeated in the future. Maxine Holt managed the panel very well and few of the planted questions had to be used. 


Mike Davis from Ovum kicked off the day with a high-level overview of MDM. He managed to engage the audience from the start. The guest speaker, Ian Bowring from IBM also gave a very interesting and insightful presentation that was rated highly by delegates. Alongside this, all vendors put together an excellent range of presentations. The consistently high quality present throughout the day ensured that there was a very high retention rate of delegates until the end of the conference. The high level of speaker delivery is again reflected through the survey results which highlight that all speakers scored over 3 out of 5 for their delivery. 


Overall this was a very good event that was supported by good planning and preparation. We received numerous positive comments from both vendors and delegates and were extremely happy with the outcome.


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