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In today’s podcast by ETM – a website and magazine for IT executives – host Chiara Dichiera is joined by John McNamara, the head of global partner marketing  for ServiceNow to discuss the evolution of IT trends. As technology products develop so do the consumer’s expectations of what that product can do.


In this podcast, Steve discusses the “consumerization of IT” – how technology has been tailored towards consumer’s needs, with very little to no training involved in using the product.   


He also elaborates on the evolution of technology platforms – the IT 1.0, then  IT 2.0, and today’s IT 3.0, a steady transition which slowly put the businesses’ and consumers’ needs first rather than the technology. 


The constant technological evolution has seen defining products such as large desktop PCs, the explosion of the Internet, laptops to today’s iPads and other mobile devices. All these points are summarized in this intellectually-stimulating podcast with John.  


ServiceNow is an IT solutions group helping organizations transform the way IT delivers business value to end-users. 

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The podcast is an insightful analysis into the changeable trends of IT products, including areas covering:


The consumerization of IT 


The history of IT 1.0 and 2.0, and today’s 3.0 


ServiceNow’s services 


ServiceNow case study


Technology mobility 


In the podcast John McNamara said: “The IT 3.0 world leverages the social community to reduce cost, improve responsiveness and tie together people, process and technology.”

He also mentioned: “Instead of people having to learn to use IT systems, IT systems have evolved to work in the way that people would expect with little or no training.”


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