Spamina Announces New Cloud Web Security Solution


September, 2011


Spamina, a developer of public, private and hybrid cloud based email security solutions, today announced the availability of its new Cloud Web Security solution completing Spamina’s strategy to deliver a complete, cloud based, Email and Web security solution.


Spamina’s Cloud Web Security delivers all the functionality needed to ensure a safe and secure browsing environment, without compromising on the speed of the user experience.  Spamina’s multi-national carrier-grade network of data centers deliver category leading  latency levels of less than 1 ms.


“The interactivity and functionality delivered by Web 2.0 is both a blessing and a curse,” said Andrea Gil, CEO of Spamina. “Users find new ways to engage with each other and their customers but this can come at a cost. Users can become distracted and less productive if there is uncontrolled use of the Web, the ability to interact in two way conversations has opened up a new vector for the leakage of proprietary and confidential information and the act of browsing the internet also has the potential to deliver viruses and malware into the organization. Spamina’s new Cloud Web Security delivers the granular controls to mitigate these risks.”


“Spamina are now a real force in the Email and Web security space;” said Ramon Planas, VP of Global Sales. “By adding Web Security to our Email security service which covers Email AntiSpam and Malware, Email Encryption and DLP and Email Archiving this is a world class solution.”


The Web Security solution delivers the following functionality:


URL Filtering – utilizing a layered approach, the service employs the latest range of Web filtering technologies including real-time content analysis and behavioural modelling in conjunction with over 50 constantly updated categories of millions of websites.


Anti-Virus & Malware – the service incorporates traditional anti-virus technology, sophisticated dynamic anomaly detection and behavioural modelling systems to protect an organization from viruses, botnets, spyware, browser exploits and other Web 2.0 threats.


Application Control – the service allows IT to gain control over popular Web 2.0 applications such as Social Networking, Streaming Media and Web-based messaging.


Bandwidth Control – with the Spamina solution it is possible to manage individual Internet bandwidth consumption and control unnecessary or non-business use. With flexible, policy-based controls restrictions can be placed on specific users or at particular times of day.


Data Leakage Prevention – the service provides control over the malicious or accidental distribution of sensitive data or private information  via the Web. The Service controls who can upload important files to the Web or post sensitive content on Web 2.0 sites, blogs, wikis or webmail.


Inbound & Outbound Policy Compliance – the service actively monitors your acceptable use policies and ensure appropriate use of Web resources, blocks inappropriate conduct and prohibited content which could potentially create legal liability risk and ensure a safe and productive workplace for your employees.


About Spamina


Spamina is a company that develops and delivers innovative E-mail & Web security solutions in Public Cloud, Hybrid and Private Cloud environments. Spamina’s products are designed for all types of businesses and MSP's / ISP's with solutions for E-mail Firewall, Archiving, Encryption & DLP (Data Lost Prevention) and Web filtering. These products ensure that system administrators and users have secure protection, management, and control of their email and Web traffic. The company has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Reading (UK), Milan, Paris, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, and San Francisco. Its products and services are distributed through an extensive network of authorized partners.




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