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Perimeter breach - Are your security measures tough enough?

Derek Brink
Aberdeen Group
Roger Southgate
ISACA Past President
Jason Creasey
Information Security Forum
Stephane Fymat
Managing Editor: Ali Klaver
Published the 14th of July 2009 by Informed Market Intelligence

What a dynamic month it's been. From Twitter's unexpected role in the Tehran revolution, to the hype around the new iPhone 3G S, the world is preoccupied with technology and its uses. This comes as no surprise to those on the front line, who are able to predict and develop these technologies to keep up with public demand, and indeed to anticipate it.

But in the rush to implement and utilize these capabilities, a lot of individuals and companies are not adequately protecting themselves from security attacks.

In this issue of ETM we're looking at security, and the need to keep up with advancements in, for example, the increasing adoption of virtualization—which opens a whole new set of security responsibilities.

Enterprises today are doing their best to address three simultaneous objectives; enhance security, achieve and sustain regulatory compliance, and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their ongoing operations. Derek Brink explains how it’s possible to face this challenge head-on.

He also moderates our exclusive panel discussion on managing threats and vulnerabilities with the expert advice of Morey Haber, Jan Hichert and Jim Waggoner. BitArmor’s No-Breach Guarantee™ is certainly worth a read (and a listen), as Manu Namboodiri takes us through a cost-effective information-centric security solution.

David McNeely from Centrify tells us that a global, unified approach is needed to control evolving physical and virtual data centers to meet security and compliance requirements, and Todd Tucker explains why so many organizations have failed to secure their data, and what to do about it.

We also take a quick look into the future, where Jason Creasy from the Information Security Forum looks at the threat horizon over the next two years. Hopefully in this issue of ETM you’ll find the answers to at least some of the security challenges facing IT professionals today.

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