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Innovation through virtualization

Andreas Antonopoulos
Nemertes Research
John Burke
Nemertes Research
Scott Crawford
Enterprise Managem ent Associates (EMA)
Martin Kuppinger
Kuppinger Cole + Partner
Andi Mann
Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
Managing Editor: Ali Klaver
Published the 23rd of June 2009 by Informed Market Intelligence

Welcome to a new and improved version of Enterprise Technology Management (ETM). We are now monthly, and even more dedicated to creating inspiring articles that address key and emerging issues in the IT space. In the future, each issue of ETM will be focused on a hot topic to deliver our global audience current and in-depth knowledge for the effective use of technology in business, and tools for successful implementation.

The team at ETM has worked hard on this first monthly edition to bring you the latest information on virtualization, with an impressive line-up of industry experts discussing how to drive competitive advantage with better virtualization. Andi Mann moderates the discussion between Brian Duckering, Nick Carr, Fredrik Sjostedt and Chris Williams about how virtualization is now undeniably a core part of any business.

There are a number of security factors that organizations must consider in light of virtualization—Scott Crawford takes us through the distinct benefits and risks that are yet to be realized. Andi Mann tells us that the best-performing organisations have an extra helper on their side in better virtual systems management, and Andreas Antonopoulos and John Burke talk about the balancing act of integrating server virtualization technology.

For a broader perspective, Martin Kuppinger tackles desktop virtualization and overall client deployment and management—including the latest trends and threats, and Jerry Champlin from Absolute Performance uncovers a complete and flexible approach to addressing business requirements, no matter the size or scope of the organization.

Businesses world-wide are being dramatically transformed through virtualization which increases efficiency and leads to innovation. The team at ETM hope you’ll find solutions to some of the essential problems you’re challenged with today. Thanks for reading, and if you would like to contribute to any future issues of ETM, please feel free to contact us.