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Stop draining your resources

David Hatch and Cindy Jutras
Aberdeen Group
Allan Schweyer
Human Capital Institute
Sarb Sembhi
ISACA London Chapter
Matthew Lees
Patricia Seybold Group
Andi Mann
Paul Burns
Managing Editor: Prerna Mankad
Published the 4th of February 2009 by Informed Market Intelligence

With no sign of the global recession abating, the natural theme of this issue of Enterprise Technology Management is how companies can implement costsaving measures while preparing for long-term growth.

Developing firms’ financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting is at the top of the agenda, with David Hatch and Cindy Jutras offering their insights on improving financial BI during this downturn. At the same time, Allan Schweyer cautions organizations to advance beyond traditional HR and adopt a talent management approach in order to make full use of their human capital. Vital to this progression is the effective deployment of IT in human capital management.

Security remains a central concern for all organization types, with data integrity and identity and access management highlighted in this issue. In addition, we address some of the key e-discovery issues faced by corporate legal teams, focusing on cutting time and expenses.

We also cover a number of critical broader issues in business IT. Andi Mann provides a valuable explanation of how organizations can manage virtualization, and we take a look at the core data replication technologies. IT Service Management is another hot topic featured, as Paul Burns analyzes what ITSM actually is and what it can do for businesses. This issue of ETM also examines the emergence of enterprise social software, with Matthew Lees uncovering what such technologies mean for companies—and particularly what their potential benefits are.

We hope that contained here are solutions to some of the essential problems you’re challenged with today. The good news is that enterprises which seize this moment as an opportunity to gain an edge over their competitors by incorporating the right technologies into their business practices will become (or indeed remain) tomorrow’s leaders.

Thanks for reading, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.