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Lisa Erickson-Harris
Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
Roy Illsley
Butler Group
Clive Longobottom
Michael Lock
Aberdeen Group
Managing Editor: Ali Klaver
Published the 12th of December 2009 by Informed Marker Intelligence

This issue heralds something fresh, new and exciting for ETM. The team has been hard at work developing a new website in order to give you, our audience, everything you need at the touch of a button. For a snapshot check out page 8, or why not jump onto to and have a look around for yourself.

We’re also very excited about the new poll function on our website. You can vote on a new poll each week—both fun and serious—and the results and the comments so far have been surprising. Plus, don't forget to register while you’re there. It's free and you have hundreds of whitepapers, podcasts, information and tools at your fingertips.

Our bumper issue is full of up-to-date research and fantastic guidance to help you make the right decisions for your organization. As well as our many and varied podcasts, Roy Illsley from the Butler Group writes about how Enterprise Service Management gives visibility across the entire business, and Clive Longbottom from Quocirca tells us that ITSM allows you to respond to change quickly and effectively while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Michael Lock focuses on small and medium sized businesses and how to slash cost while empowering the business user, while Lisa Erickson-Harris, as well as moderating one of our panel podcasts on the Service Desk, also writes about how it is central to key process development activities and those in search of cost-saving measures.

If you're an avid reader of ETM, you'll notice a new page at the end of this issue about the career and company of one of our favourite analyst partners. This page will give you a snapshot view of what a company (and a particular person) can do for you, and we’d like to thank Martin Kuppinger of Kuppinger Cole for being our first 2Career path2 expert.

I hope that we've provided some handy updates and essential solutions in this bumper issue, and that they help in your day-to-day business processes. Thank you for reading, and if you would like to contribute to any future issues of ETM, please feel free to contact us at or via email at editor@