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BI in a virtual world

Dave Abraham
Founder and CEO, Signify
Laura Didio
Principal Analyst, Information Technology Intelligence Corp (ITIC)
Martin Kuppinger
Senior Partner and Founder, Kuppinger Cole
Bill Moran
Principal Analyst, Ptak Noel & Associates
Corey Nachreiner
Senior Security Analyst, WatchGuard
Managing Editor: Ali Klaver
Published the 15th of May 2010 by Informed Market Intelligence

In the last few months I’ve noticed a quiet explosion in discussions involving
virtualization and the cloud. Admittedly, after the economic lag, a lot of companies put developments in virtualization on hold, but with this new surge of interest I like to think that this heralds a new stage of growth for companies globally.
This issue of ETM in particular deals with some of the most up-to-date trends in
virtualization and the cloud, including a fantastic piece by Martin Kuppinger on “Identity for the cloud—What do we really need?” (page 26). Plus, Laura DiDio (ITIC) talks about the main players in virtual desktop infrastructure today (page 40), as well as featuring on our profile page for this issue.
We’ve also introduced a special new section on around
enterprise search with the help of Stephen Arnold (ArnoldIT). He moderates a
dynamic panel podcast featuring Exalead, Search Technologies, Mark Logic and Lucid Imagination. You’ll find the transcript on page 28.
Operational intelligence is running hot at the moment so we’re featuring two
additional panel podcasts, one on business intelligence (page 10, moderated by Claudia Imhoff from Intelligent Solutions), and another on business process management (page 44) with Dana Gardner (Interarbor Solutions).
There are also quite a few opinions on security this issue, including a piece on the top 10 security threats of 2010 by Corey Nachreiner from WatchGuard (page 78).
I hope that we’ve provided some handy updates and essential solutions for your
virtualization, security and BI needs this issue.
Thank you for reading, and if you would like to contribute to any future issues
of ETM, please feel free to contact us at or via email at