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Head in the clouds

Paul Burns
President and Founder, Neovise
Laura Didio
Principal Analyst, Information Technology Intelligence Corp (ITIC)
Martin Kuppinger
Senior Partner and Founder, Kuppinger Cole
Matthew Lees
Senior Contributing Editor, Patricia Seybold Group
Managing Editor: Ali Klaver
Published the 15th of August 2010 by Informed Market Intelligence

It appears the IT world is slowly but surely opening up a realm of possibilities for
businesses globally. While we in the IT sphere have known this for a while, it’s just
coming to the attention of businesses looking at their SIEM solutions, their business
process management, and especially ROI.

An IT department stuck in the bowels of the building is quickly becoming a thing
of the past as business decision-makers realize that creative collaboration is the way to
go. Now, IT and management are rubbing shoulders—literally—and working across the
gamut of business applications to find ways to grow, collaborate and innovate.

Our Q3 issue is a breath of fresh air and packed full of the answers to your questions.
Why not start with our business rules management and business process management
podcasts (pages 28 and 100 respectively), as one of our favourite moderators, Dana
Gardner, guides you through the essentials with the help of
industry leaders.

Matthew Lees from the Patricia Seybold Group tells us how social technology can
make “innovation” more than just a word (page 112), while I have an interesting chat
with Dr. Kathy Dahlgren from Cognition Technologies about semantic search—certainly
one to get the brain working (see page 88).

There is plenty more to read in this issue of ETM, and hopefully in these pages you’ll
find the perfect solution to your IT problems. And don’t forget, there are a wide range of
podcasts to enjoy on

Thank you for reading, and if you would like to contribute to any future issues of
ETM, please feel free to contact me via email at