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Content Chaos?

Mike Atwood
Expert Contributors, IT Outsourcing Strategies - Atwood and Associates
Mike Davis
Senior Analyst, Sftware - Information Management - Ovum
Stephen E. Arnold
Managing Partner -
Martin Kuppinger
Founder and Senior Partner - Kuppinger Cole
Laura De Boel
Lawyer specialized in EU data protection law
Managing Editor: Pinar Gencturk
Editor: David Tran
Published the 5th of December 2011 by IMI Publishing

Welcome to the final edition of ETM for 2011 and our biggest edition to date. Just as the content in our magazine is growing, so is the volume of data in enterprises - small and large alike. So it is only appropriate we should focus this edition on how to control the continuing surge of content being created in all forms, and all devices. While it might be an outdated term, "enterprise content management is more relevant today than ever", says Mike Davis of Ovum. Read his expert opinion on page 12.

To provide an insight to the mature ECM market we have brought together the vendors Forrester’s recent report named as leaders in this space; Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. Each vendors' thought leader spoke to ETM on the importance of implementing an effective ECM system, on pages 16, 48 and 140.

On top of the proliferation of content is the variety of devices being used, such as mobile phones, which are creating more than just additional data to manage but also raising security issues. This topic is explored by Nemertes Research’s Irwin Lazar in his interview with MobileIron and AirWatch on page 26. Fiberlink also provides a new angle on connecting staff to corporate data via mobiles on page 68.

In the ever-changing IT landscape communication is the cornerstone of innovation and social networking strategies is a key aspect of this development. In "A social revolution in doing business" on page 20 Kristen Lauria from IBM explains the fundamentals of becoming a social business.

We know that linking these communicational tools is also critical, and industry heavy weights from Siemens, AudioCodes and Level 3 cover this topic on page 38.

And that’s just the tip of this magazines iceberg!

While there’s not enough space to cover everything in this edition, a special mention must also go to our contributors: Martin Kuppinger, Laura De Boel and Mike Atwood.

It has been another fast and fantastic year for technology and we hope you have enjoyed riding along about all the developments with us.

The team at ETM wish you all a safe and happy holidays, and successful 2012.