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Optimize processes across your business network with BPM 

To effectively manage your business in the face of constant change, you must streamline and automate the business processes across the business network to remove bottlenecks and foster collaboration. The execution of processes across the business network is often impeded by application silos and rigid IT systems. Organizations have adopted multiple applications systems over time to support new functions, different lines of business, and new initiatives. 

Today, 75% of all the processes executed within your enterprise are made up of email threads zigzagging around your organization. This is extremely inefficient, leading to a lot of time wasted trying to ensure that the right person has the right information to work on the right task at the right time. 

30 seconds from now you can change all this by signing up for a free 30 day trial for Blueworks Live at Start by building Process Apps through which anyone can automate simple processes currently run over email. Gain valuable insights into how your organization runs and how it could run by discovering, mapping and documenting your processes via Process Blueprints. Lastly, scale your process improvement initiatives by collaborating across teams and locations with your entire organization and by tapping into expert communities of practice. In lowering the barrier of entry through an easy to use, browser based, zero-install interface, IBM Blueworks Live gives everyone a voice in improving the way their organization runs. 

IBM can help you build a roadmap to achieve greater business agility through defined projects for IT. Only IBM has the expertise and integrated solutions to help build your business agility roadmap. 

● Accelerate change with optimized processes and decisions using BPM and Decision Management 

● Strengthen relationships and integrate with customers, suppliers and partners through SOA 

● Control costs and add flexibility to application infrastructure with virtualization and cloud