Propalms Limited
Eboracum Way, Apollo House
York Yo31 7RE
United Kingdom
Company type: 
Solution providers
Industry type: 
Business services/consulting (computer-related)


Propalms Limited is a privately owned UK company and is a global provider of application delivery and secure remote access solutions for Terminal Services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Delivering to enterprises of all sizes, Propalms offers reliable, scalable and affordable solutions that simply work. Our belief is that application delivery solutions should be flexible, dynamic and, above all, simple to use.

With over 2000 customers worldwide, and in excess of 500,000 concurrent users, and partners globally, Propalms is now recognized as a fast growing player in the Server Based Computing and Virtual Desktop and Virtual Private Network market.




Propalms TSE

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (previously known as Terminal Services) is the most cost effective method of application deployment from small-medium businesses up to Enterprise Level organizations. Propalms TSE is designed to make the most of your Windows® Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployment by leveraging the most recent enhancements to the Microsoft® Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Propalms TSE adds indispensable management capabilities and scales to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively.


Propalms VDI

Propalms VDI provides an end to end solution to virtual desktop and application delivery. Using Propalms VDI you can deliver virtual desktops to users, deliver applications to virtual desktops, automate tasks inside virtual desktops and have full monitoring and management control from a central management console.


Propalms VPN

Propalms VPN is an easy to use, simple application access and security solution (SSL VPN) for enabling high-trust, secure remote access to corporate applications and resources. Enterprises use Propalms VPN to collaborate securely with employees, customers and partners.