Interarbor Solutions, LLC

12 Sherwood Forest Drive
Gilford New Hampshire 03249-6953
United States
Company type: 
Research companies
Industry type: 
Business services/consulting (computer-related)


Interarbor Solutions identifies and interprets the trends in Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and enterprise software infrastructure markets. Interarbor Solutions creates in-depth Web content and distributes it via BriefingsDirect™ blogs, podcasts and video-podcasts to support conversational education about SOA, software infrastructure, Enterprise 2.0, and application development and deployment strategies.


Our services include research and advisory solutions, custom Internet content creation and distribution, and syndication of aggregated analysts' and IT experts' blogs. Sponsorship of informational podcast content solutions includes one-stop planning, moderation, production, hosting, and viral distribution services.


Learn how large companies and startups alike are successfully leveraging the analyst-moderated podcast content model for business-to-business and business-to-consumer conversational education and evangelism.


Tens of thousands of IT decision makers and influencers around the globe each month are listening, reading and watching BriefingsDirect™ productions.