Point Zero Media Ltd

27 Kings Croft
BS41 9ED, Long Ashton
United Kingdom
Company type: 
Media companies
Industry type: 
Business services/consulting (computer-related)


Point Zero Media was founded in June 2009 as a news and article based resource serving the social media industry.


We have seen an opportunity to share online experiences and strategy throughout the web 2.0 industry and out of this was born Point Zero Magazine.


Point Zero Magazine is an online magazine resource with the goal of offering insight from some of the industry’s most respected figureheads, providing ideas and tips for those working in and with an interest in social, enterprise and mobile social media.


As a resource founded in social media, we want to provide our subscribers with the content, interviews, articles and insight that they want to hear.


If you have any comments about the site, future direction for the magazine, or any other thoughts in general then please contact our team who would appreciate your feedback.


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