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Helping ambitious software businesses get investor ready.


The key to any successful investment process is preparation. Good preparation will increase your chances of success and can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete.


At Conduit we understand first hand the challenges you face as a business owner when seeking investment. Our aim is to ensure you and your business are fully prepared in order tomaximise you chances of success while minimising the impact the process has on day-to-day operations.




 ·         Review key business fundamentals using our unique 10 Point Review process - identify any challenges and mitigate them

 ·         Coordinate the preparation of all investment material

·         Access our network of industry professionals to validate content and gaine valuable feedback before going to market

·         Identify and establish meetings with suitable investment candidates

·         Provide guidance and support throughout the due diligence and legal negotiation process through to completion



  • Ensure the business is fully prepared for the investment process
  • Minimise the impact on day-to-day operations
  • Shrink the overall timescale of the investment process
  • Identify suitable investment candidates within the UK angel and venture capital market

Increase the likelihood of success


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