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Your Information Management & Collaboration Resource



AIIM is the community that provides education, research, and best practices to help organizations find, control, and optimize their information.


For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading non-profit organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes.


AIIM was founded in 1943 as the National Microfilm Association and later became the Association for Information and Image Management. AIIM is also known as the enterprise content management (ECM) association.


Today, AIIM is international in scope, independent, and implementation-focused. As the industry's intermediary, AIIM represents the entire industry - including users, suppliers, and the channel.


As a neutral and unbiased source of information, AIIM serves the needs of its members and the industry. Get up-to-date industry news from AIIM and our members.


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