Attunity Inc
70 Blanchard Road
Burlington Massachusetts MA 01803
United States
Company type: 
Solution providers
Industry type: 
Software development



Attunity is a real-time data integration software company that enables access, sharing and distribution of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. An independent leader in change-data-capture (CDC) and data/content replication technologies, Attunity’s software has been deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide.


For more than 20 years, Attunity has efficiently enabled the 'real-time enterprise'. Companies all over the world rely on Attunity software solutions to unlock their information assets wherever they are, whenever they're needed. Using our software, companies can seamlessly and efficiently connect, transfer and join to and from virtually any data source and identify critical changes in real-time, and subsequently service-enable that data for use in modern, rapid-to-deploy and re-configurable business applications.


The 3 major business benefits of using Attunity software are:


1. Business Effectiveness: by unlocking enterprise information and making it available in real-time/right-time, management is able to laser-focus their time on business critical issues, resulting in lower costs, improved customer service, and better top-line results.

2. Business Control: Better visibility of corporate information enables better control of the issues, and that means dramatically reduced organizational and operational risk and exposure.

3. Business Speed: Seeing, identifying and capturing business-critical information in real-time results in faster corporate speed, agility, and ultimately greater competitiveness.


In addition, the key IT-specific benefits are:

-Very fast deployment, and therefore return on investment (ROI)

-Extended use of existing IT application and data assets

-Industry-standard skill-sets, requiring no expensive re-training and leveraging existing resources


In 2011, Attunity acquired RepliWeb, a leading provider of Enterprise File Replication, Managed File Transfer (MFT), and Application Release Automation, for enterprise data centers and cloud environments. Organizations rely on these solutions to ensure information and application availability throughout distributed IT infrastructures, leveraging IT automation, scheduling, and transfer acceleration technologies. This acquisition allows Attunity to offer an extensive data replication platform that meets the diverse needs for replicating databases, files, and content across IT data centers and the Cloud.


With the world’s 4 largest software vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP/BusinessObjects) partnering and/or reselling Attunity real-time data integration software, Attunity is the partner of choice for over 2000 companies around the globe. Headquartered in Boston, USA, Attunity serves its customers via offices in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, as well as through a network of local partners and distributors.