Archiving on demand

Business Intelligence, GRC
Participating Company: 
Kuppinger Cole Ltd
Participating Company: 
Astaro Ltd.
Participating Analyst: 
Martin Kuppinger
Participating Analyst: 
Eric Begoc

Martin Kuppinger (Kuppinger Cole) talks to Astaro’s Eric Begoc about mail archiving, how it’s changing, and what to expect in the future.


MK: “Eric, many people still do not know that most countries enforce strict business regulations governing email archiving. How can this be?”


EB: “Well Martin, the problem is that everybody is in a kind of standby state. If one does not really know what standards should be enforced because the requirements and the consequences of not being compliant are not clear, one just waits. Another problem is that most email archiving solutions are far too expensive and require much administration. So I guess at the current time, a lot of companies would rather just wait and hope that being caught doing nothing is cheaper than implementing what should be a business standard.”