Capturing control

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Participating Company: 
ETM Ltd.
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Marc Brungardt
Participating Analyst: 
Ali Klaver


Controlling your endpoints and keeping them secure is becoming a harder task than ever with each new innovation in technology. Marc Brungardt (Promisec) says that a unique solution will enable companies to operate the way they need to. He speaks to ETM’s Ali Klaver.

Marc: “Promisec helps companies regain control of their endpoints—specifically their laptops, desktops and servers. We address several inherent challenges of managing endpoints effectively, like visibility, for example. When it comes to endpoints many companies don’t have a good handle on what they have and what’s going on. They don’t know if they have unmanaged or rogue devices on the network. The companies own and depend on a host of agent-based solutions for mission-critical tasks including things like antivirus encryption and patch management solutions. When those agents fail, so do the mission-critical tasks associated with those tools. 

“End users are a common egress point as well. As we know they can and will do things that complicate endpoint control. And last but not least, while the Windows environment is very powerful, it is subject to change by intent or accident which can cause significant disruption in unexpected and unnecessary ways. The way the industry has addressed this fragile nature of the Windows environment is by laying product upon product on top of that OS to protect both the environment and the data that resides on those endpoints. The fact is that these agent-based layers for AV, patch and DLP are just as susceptible to changes as the OS, therefore it requires a non agent-based approach that is not dependent on WMI or GPO to work. At the end of the day, these things add up to a loss of control at the endpoints and that’s where the value proposition of Promisec comes to bear.”


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