Global networking

HCM, Unified Communications, Infrastructure Management
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Participating Company: 
ETM Ltd.
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Chris Werpy
Participating Analyst: 
Ali Klaver

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with, let alone stay at the forefront of, the leaps that the IT space is making at the moment with virtualization and IT cost pressures, among others. Chris Werpy (MASERGY) says that it’s with an in-depth understanding of specific business needs that makes it possible to stay ahead of the pack.

Chris Werpy: “As our teams work with enterprise companies today there are a lot of similar themes in the challenges they face in their day to day operations. The primary challenge we see today, and one that’s consistent across all organizations, is the move towards globalization. This move has been occurring for some time, but as we look at the enterprise space today customers are being asked to expand their own internal operations across multiple continents and get much further reach into other parts of the world. They’re also looking at it beyond their own operations and their ability to service their own customers—their ability to work with strategic partners in their business, and their ability to work with their supply chain and partners in that regard.”

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