If business is from Venus and IT is from Mars, BI Agility is a Pipedream

Business Intelligence
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Informatica Corporation
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ETM analyst

Very often, organizations have an incomplete, old and inaccurate view of the business because of a number of serious challenges. First, it takes too long to explain requirements and months to deliver new reports. Second, it takes many iterations to create or change reports because people often don’t get the requirements right. And finally, the existing architecture is inflexible to change. As a result, the Business uses shadow IT teams to create custom one-off solutions, adding to complexity. Clearly, there is a big disconnect. IT needs an agile data architecture that accelerates the process with early business involvement. 


In this interactive podcast, Eric Johnson, Vice President of IT from Informatica talks to two members from HealthNow NY, George Yuhasz and Robert Myers, focusing on key topics such as:

The Business and IT perspective 

Limitations of traditional approaches 

How self-service and data virtualization can help