Safety first

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Participating Company: 
ETM Ltd.
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Edy Almer
Participating Analyst: 
Ali Klaver

In this podcast Safend’s Edy Almer talks about a fully integrated, single server, single agent data protection solution and explains to ETM’s Ali Klaver why they are the leaders in endpoint data protection.


AK: “Edy, can you tell us a little bit about Safend’s history?”


EA: “Safend is the leader in endpoint data protection. The company was founded in 2003 and we released our first product in 2004, available through retailers globally since 2005. We added Lenovo as a global distributor in 2006 and then we also released the first extensions to our anti-hardware key logger protection—anti-network bridging. Our first partners joined in 2006. First of all Websense, then Fujitsu BSC in Japan and another large encryption vendor. In 2008 we added additional common criteria certification for EAL2, and released Safend Encryptor and Safend Reporter.”


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Listening to the podcast, good grasp on the issue. This seems to be a good solution to control information access. Not too sure about the ROI though. Any statistical data?