Staying ahead of the hack

Participating Company: 
Aberdeen Group
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Astaro Ltd.
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eEye Digital Security
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Participating Analyst: 
Derek Brink

Budget cuts and compliance issues are affecting the role of IT professionals, and staying one step ahead of the breach is only getting more difficult. Derek Brink (Aberdeen Group), seeks answers from Morey Haber (eEye Digital Security), Jan Hichert (Astaro AG), and Jim Waggoner (Symantec) on the how to increase protection while staying competitive.


The panel discusses the Unified Threat Management approach, among others, and how it offers efficiencies that are to the benefit of any sized company, as well as best of breed, best-in-class and endpoint and network security capabilities. Attacks and threats can occur anywhere in the network and protection identification is best served near the source for containment—or even rapid identification. Customers are asking for solutions on how to protect data, and integrate those solutions into single client software that focuses on performance.