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Audit Report: Internal Vulnerabilities of Endpoints

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The report shows a breakdown of the typical threats faced in organizations, identifying the most common threats, and describing the different types of threats and miss-configurations most prevalent in the marketplace.
The main findings of the report are as follows:
- 100% of organizations have security and compliance issues in 10-30% of their endpoints
- Unmanaged workstations have more than doubled at 9%of endpoints in 2010
- Missing or miss-configured anti-virus agents is an increasing problem with 21% of endpoints having disabled, missing, or out-of-date policy violations
- 23% of endpoints were missing patch management or lifecycle management agents
- 20% of endpoints had unauthorized file sharing and peer-to-peer applications
- 18% of laptops have issues with the encryption agent they are supposed to have installed and running
- 16% of endpoints did not have the latest Microsoft service packs or Hotfixes
- 4% of endpoints had unauthorized dual connectivity or hacking software
- 13% of endpoints contained unauthorized usage of USB or removable storage devices