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BMC Adds Competitive Muscle to End-User Experience Management

Application Management, Business Intelligence, GRC, ITSM, Security, Infrastructure Management
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Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC

BMC’s announcement of expanded analytics and functional capabilities in its Application Performance Management1 solution focused on faster problem resolution for root cause and impact analysis. These new capabilities and features definitely add more competitive muscle into BMC’s performance management suite.


The muscle comes from enhanced real-time predictive analytics designed specifically to improve the interactive experience of real users. This allows quicker identification and alerting of IT staff about anomalous behaviors that can result in disruption to Application/Service delivery. Service disruptions and delays are leading causes of end-user dissatisfaction. BMC performs correlated analysis of data collected (in real-time) across ALL monitored assets, not a subset, to achieve faster problem isolation, root cause analysis and problem resolution.