White paper

BMC: Collaborative Application Mapping

Application Management, Business Intelligence, GRC, ITSM, Security, Infrastructure Management
Participating Company: 
Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC

Effective business service management (BSM) requires visibility into business service performance and availability, as well as understanding the dependencies on the underlying infrastructure components. Application dependency mapping provides the contextual application/infrastructure views that enable IT staffs to target and prioritize their efforts at the infrastructure level, to keep critical business services running reliably.


Several years ago, with the adoption of ITIL and CMDBs, automated discovery and dependency mapping became the new capabilities that management vendors, such as BMC, added to their offerings. BMC embedded these capabilities in its Atrium core technologies as the Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) function. The ADDM technology automatically discovers infrastructure components and captures associated configuration information, which it stores in the Atrium CMDB. It also detects the relationships and dependencies between infrastructure components, which provide the valuable “raw data” for building application maps.