White paper

Improving Productivity in the Connected Enterprise Through Collaboration

ITSM, Security, Strategic Sourcing
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In the market for collaborative applications, a large convergence is beginning to take hold, and the consumerization of IT is central to this movement. The technologies that people use as consumers are impacting the way employees, customers, and partners want to interact and collaborate at work. People want to take the same technology experiences that are available at home and plug them into their daily work lives. This movement is setting worker expectations as both employees and corporate consumers. Workers need to have the choice and flexibility to consume the applications they want, where they want, and on their preferred device. Particularly, IDC believes that the industry is on a trend to combine key technologies, such as email, instant messaging (IM), team workspaces, video, voice, Web conferencing, and social features into a single "superset" environment for users. 

Fueling this convergence are three key industry dynamics: the notion that everything is "now" and communications are happening in real time, the concept of being your own workplace due to the sophistication and proliferation of mobile devices, and the movement toward becoming a social business. The evolution of the collaborative applications landscape has emerged to serve the demands of today's dynamic business landscape — and it has certainly become a demanding landscape.