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Outsourcing the problem of software security

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Software applications are an integral part of 21st century business processes. The majority of software is still installed in-house, either as specially developed bespoke applications or commercially acquired packages. However, the proportion of software procured as a service is on the rise, as is the use of mobile apps and open source components. In addition, more and more in-house applications are being web-enabled and exposed to the outside world.

Regardless of its origin, the vast majority of software will contain flaws which can constitute a security risk, especially for those applications that are web-enabled.

The cost of fixing a flaw increases the later that they are found in the

development, acquisition and deployment life-cycle. There are a number of measures that can be taken to mitigate the problem and reduce the overall cost of managing software whilst ensuring better security. Increasingly, businesses are recognising the benefits of outsourcing at least some of the effort through the use of on-demand software testing services.