Signs You Need a Plumber For A New Water Heater

The water heater is one of the home appliances that provide comfort to everyone in the household especially during the winter season, and chilly mornings. Keeping it well-maintained will help prolong the life of the water heater, and it will help keep issues from occurring. 

There however comes a time when a water heater reaches its end of life. And while this is unavoidable, it is best to know when to exactly upgrade the water heater to avoid inconveniences, and unnecessary expenses brought about by higher utility bills. 

When to call a plumbing company for a water heater

Water heaters, regardless of their type, clue in their owners for the need to upgrade. Several signs point to a need for replacement, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to watch out for these signs. Tankless water heaters have a longer operational life, which is double the 10 to 12-year life expectancy for tanked or conventional water heating systems.

Also, homeowners must understand that water heater replacement and installation must be carried out by a water heater contractor plumbing professional. Water heater pullout for instance requires specific tools, equipment, and knowledge, and so does the installation for a new unit. 

Shifting to another new system will also require professional help, and possibly some retrofitting. For instance, DécorBuzz plumbing tips says that shifting from a tankless water heater to a conventional water heater would mean retrofitting pipes and plumbing system. The same goes when shifting to a tankless system, which would mean installation into a new system, and pull out of the old unit. The new system is also much more expensive to install compared to a conventional tanked water heater.   


Hot tubs are more relaxing when there is an efficient water heating system. (Photo Credits)

Signs that it needs to be replaced

Below are some of the signs property owners should watch out for when it comes to deciding when to replace a water heating system.

  1. Age of the water heater system. Conventional tanked systems can last from around 12-15 years, tankless systems last double than that. When the heaters are near the end of their life expectancy and starts to fail then it is best to replace it even before encountering serious issues.
  2. Continuous failures also  signify that the water heater is also in its end stage or the ill maintenance is already taking its toll on the system.
  3. Leaking in the tank. If the tank keeps on leaking, then it is highly possible that the tank is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Apart from the above-mentioned signs, capacity issues should also prompt homeowners to replace their water heating systems. For instance if it seems that hot water runs out most days, then maybe, there is no longer enough heated water for the rest of the household. This usually occurs in homes that have gotten new or additional family members, or visiting relatives, or when a household grows like when children already grew up into adults and demand more heated water compared when they were kids.

Homeowners should enlist the services of a reliable plumbing contractor who can pull out their old water heater unit, and install a new one safely and correctly. We recommend you find on yelp a reliable plumbing company that you can call. Moving forward, homeowners should also take time to keep their water heater well-maintained.

Plumber Tips to Avoid Clogged Drains / How to Avoid AC Repair Scams

Clogged drains are the bane of the existence of any homemaker. Fortunately, with careful use of plumbing systems, most of the causes are avoidable. Plumbers have numerous helpful tips that could prevent clogged and problematic drains. All homeowners need o do is heed these pieces of advice so that they will not get inconvenienced by clogged drains. 

Foremost in the list of ways to avoid clogged drains is to refrain from using drains as a garbage repository. One of the biggest mistakes a household can make is using the kitchen sink as a dumpsite for leftover food bits, scraps, and fruit and vegetable peelings. These food items can easily ball up and clog a portion of the drain pipes, causing leaks and even breakage within pipelines. 

Do not pour kitchen grease on the drains

Pouring used kitchen oil and animal fat is detrimental to the drainage system. Dispose of used kitchen grease properly and following the community standards. kitchen grease can solidify into a huge lump of lard that could prevent the smooth flow of wastewater from the drainpipes. When this happens drain clogs can occur, and consequently it can cause back-ups and sewage issues. 

How to avoid Plumbing and AC Repair scams

AC repair scams are not uncommon even in the digital age. More unscrupulous individuals use the internet and social media to victimize unsuspecting homeowners who need AC repair services. 

The best way to avoid AC Repair scams is to carry out a bit of research work before hiring an AC repair company. You can check on for reliable contractors. Always put a premium on personal recommendations as these AC repair companies are tried and tested by someone a homeowner trusts. If the homeowner could not get a recommendation, he should turn to reputable websites that generate a list of licensed AC Repair Contractors in their area. These websites include the local Better Business Bureau webpage and local chapters of national AC Contractor organizations. 

Hire only legitimate Plumbing and AC Repair Companies

Homeowners should also have a conscious effort to hire only licensed AC Repair contractors to ensure that they will not fall victim to scams. A customer can ask for the credentials of the HVAC company and verify it accordingly from the Contractors State License Board, The Better Business Bureau, and the insurance provider.